SiM AdTag Overview

SiM AdTag gives media companies the tools to encourage local businesses to build and buy an information ad on their website without the participation of company staff

When using AdTag, a local business can decide to advertise at anytime and within minutes complete the add and submit it for approval.

Using AdTag’s self service technology, advertisers build a digital ad, select length of contract and pricing and buy it with a credit card. Building an ad is simply a form with an option to upload images. No graphics knowledge needed.

While the ad is live, the advertiser can make edits - change images, update promotions, etc. - as often as they wish.

The ad strip is a javascript file that can be configured to match the website layout template.

SiM AdTag Benefits

  1. No Cost to Sell - advertiser creates the ad, selects contract length and pays with a credit card
  2. 24-Hour Availability - advertiser makes the purchase at any time
  3. Reduce Phone Traffic - no need to directly communicate with advertiser to realize ad revenue
  4. Mobile Friendly - available to mobile only consumers through a mobile ready website


Sample Mockups

Television Station

Community Newspaper

Hyper-Local News Website

College Athletics Website

ShareItMobile is a turnkey, dual-platform (mobile app and web) branded hosted social media solution that automates and streamlines the aggregation and presentation of user generated content (UGC). The ShareItMobile platform is available in two product configurations: SiM UGC and SiM AdTag. Either product can be launched independently, or the products can be combined as a single platform that lets you collect, manage and present UGC from your community alongside sponsored updates from local SMB (small and medium sized business) advertisers.


SiM UGC is a citizen journalism and crowdsourcing platform for media companies that want to collect and leverage photos, video and news stories from the community-at-large.

SiM AdTag

SiM AdTag is a digital social advertising platform that gives media companies a unique source of incremental revenue from letting advertisers reach their audience with real-time social updates made via mobile or web, including video and photos.